Sunday, August 28, 2011

On CNN Tonight

I have just heard word that Dr. Esselstyn is scheduled to be on CNN tonight in a segment entitled "The Last Heart Attack". The show is supposed to air at 9pm and 12pm ET, 6 and 9pm PT. I won't be able to watch as I have tickets to a concert with friends, but I hope some out there will be able to see it.

For those that have to miss it, here is a CNN Dr. Esselstyn preview. In the preview, Dr. Esselstyn actually goes as far as saying eating a plant-based diet (no eggs, dairy, or meat, as well as no added oils) will make you "heart attack proof"!

A great quote from the article accompanying the preview video: "We've eaten ourselves into a problem, and we can eat ourselves out of it." -Dr. Terry Mason.

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