Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Old Interview with Alicia Silverstone

This interview with Alicia Silverstone is obviously done before her book came out, and that was quite a while ago now, but it still said some interesting things and kept me reading until the end. I also think it was accompanied by a great picture of her, don't you think?

Did you know she is pregnant right now? She gave the news to all her followers a while back. Congratulations to Alicia!

Bloggin' Good Times

Okay, busy season is over. I'm back.

I just finished putting through an order for a Vitamix Blender! I am very excited. I have been waiting to get one for a long time. Most of my friends have them and are so happy with them. I watched some demos on-line and saw them make hot soup. When I told my mom that a blender could make hot soup she was skeptical and thought that they did it by warming it up first. Then of course I started to doubt. We happened upon a demo in our local Costco recently and one of the things they showed was making hot soup! Apparently the blender works with friction and if you leave the blender on for about 5 minutes, whatever is inside will get hot. The lady doing the demo also made a smoothie and a fruit ice cream.

My new blender should be here in about 2 weeks and then I am ready to start blending, processing, heating, mixing, grinding, and whatever else I can think of.