Friday, July 8, 2011

Egg Replacers

I am about to head out to my in-laws' cabin for the next week. I have been terrible about doing much vegan cooking or baking as of late because of life just being on some wild ride that I am hoping will slow down eventually. I wanted something to be able to bake there to snack on, since there obviously will not be a Planet Organic anywhere nearby, and in fact the drive to the nearest any-kind-of grocery store is about an hour long.

I tried to google a vegan banana bread recipe and came up with lots of hits. However, I KNOW that banana bread can be made without an egg replacer, and it was a little harder to find that. In my search, I did come across a page on Isa Chandra Moskowitz's website ( Post Punk Kitchen) that gives quite a few options for replacing eggs in recipes without having to resort to an egg replacer (although that is listed too).

Now to finish looking for that perfect recipe...

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