Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Kind Diet

My favorite part of this book was a section where Alicia talks about the ways you can get your nutrients from a vegan diet. I am still not sure that this is the way I will be going, but it was a real eye-opener for me to read that you can get every single nutrient that your body needs from a plant-based diet (including calcium, omega 3s, and iron).

Today I found a wikipedia entry on vegetarianism that has a lot of the same information.

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  1. What about B12... that is what I have been wondering about... You should also look into Paul and Patricia Bragg if you haven't already... they have some amazing books including the miracle of fasting and vegetarian cookbook.. I haven't looked at the details yet but I believe the veg cookbook is vegan and not just vegetarian. They recommend no dairy and little or no meat in the fasting book and so far I haven't seen any animal products in the cookbook... I just bought it. The fasting book is amazing and all the food I have tried out of it has been yummy and vegan :)I also love the recipes I have tried from how it all vegan, but I believe you have that book :) Which recipes have you tried out of there that you love? I love the mushroom barley stew... it is my FAVE from the book so far :)