Sunday, June 27, 2010

Craving sweets?

Many of the articles and books I have been reading about vegetarian/veganism have talked about "detox" and craving the foods you are trying eliminate. I haven't experienced any of this, which has really been surprising for me as in the past I ate a lot of food just for the action of putting food in my mouth and had absolutely no willpower if anyone left sweets or similar things around the house. I have been a very good girl.

I replicated the table below(taken from the June 2009 issue of Natural Solutions Magazine), which has a healthy solution for each of the common craving foods. I know it has meat on it, but there is at least one vegan solution in every category.

Sorry about the weird space between this and the table- can't figure out why that happened. If anyone knows, please send me a note.

If You Crave:What you Really Need is:Eat the Healthy Source Instead:





Broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, chicken

Fresh fruits

Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts

Cranberries, horseradish, cruciferous veggies, kale, cabbage

Cheese, liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach



Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruit

Salty foods


Raw goat milk, fish, unrefined sea salt

Soda and carbonated drinks


Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame

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