Monday, June 28, 2010

Eyes of Nye- Genetically Modified Foods

I forgot to mention that my girls and I watched this DVD the other day. I thought Bill Nye did a good job of trying to be as non-biased as possible while still showing his obvious concern about the practice of gentically modified foods. The practice of private companies being able to patent and "own" food is much more alarming to me than the genetically modified foods themselves. I am a little scared of what boundaries could be pushed through the creation of genetically modified foods, but there definitely have been some benefits for mankind. However, we are still guinea pigs when it comes to genetically modified foods. What if we find out that one of these creations is bad for us or the survival of the earth and then it is too late to go back to what we had before?

I can't find the link for this DVD on amazon, but I borrowed it from the library, so maybe you can find it there too.

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