Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Have You Heard of Bloglovin' ?

I am trying to streamline my life a little bit. This weekend I worked on getting my email inbox to a manageable size. I worked on it one day last weekend and quite a bit this past holiday weekend. I started with an unbelievable 5012 emails in my inbox, and managed to get it down to just over 1100 emails. It is obviously still a work in progress, but I'm super pleased with what I accomplished so far.

One thing that I did that will help my inbox from getting so bloated again, is to conglomerate all of my blog subscriptions into one email. I subscribed to all of my favourite blogs on Bloglovin' and now I get just one email with a list of all the new posts from my favourite blogs. Click Here if you would like to follow my blog with Bloglovin'. Bloglovin' is also very helpful in that, every time you follow a blog, it will send you an email with some suggestions of similar blogs you might want to follow.

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