Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Vegan Anniversary to Me

Life has gotten away from me. The past few months have been the "busy season" for my business. As time wore on, you may have noticed that I blogged less and less, but I also went from regularly trying new recipes, learning new things, and making most foods at home, to becoming stagnant in my vegan knowledge base and becoming a very frequent visitor to the deli at my local Planet Organic store. I did mostly stick to vegan foods, and I definitely did not have any meat, but more often than I can keep track of while not at home I partook in the sampling of baking that I am sure couldn't have been vegan.

It is my five month anniversary today of the beginning of my vegan journey. I have learned so much and I am pretty confident that I will be eating this way for as far as I can forsee in the future. I am excited to continue on and experience all the learning and growing that lies ahead for me on this road.

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